Sal Klita (Hebrew: absorption basket) is financial assistance, paid by the Ministry of Absorption (Misrad Haklita) to Olim, Ezrachim Olim and Katinim Chozrim. Total assistance is based on family size and composition.

Be sure to advise your Aliyah representative at the Ministry of Absorption if you will be leaving the country at any time in these initial 6 months. 

Who is eligible?
Olim, Ezrachim Olim and Katinim Chozrim

Where is it arranged?

Olim and Ezrachim Olim:
Your first payment is organized through Misrad Ha'Aliyah ve'Haklita (Ministry of Aliyah and Absorption), at Ben Gurion Airport.

Katinim Chozrim:
Willl need go to Misrad Klita in order to receive their first Sal Klita payment.