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The Jewish Agency's Partnership2Gether Peoplehood Platform (previously known as Partnership 2000) has become the paradigm for successfully partnering global Jewish communities directly with Israeli communities.
P2G connects 450 Jewish and Israeli communities in 46 city-to-city and region-to-region Partnerships, engaging more than 350,000 participants each year in meaningful ongoing connections between Israelis and Jews around the world, through unique programs and one-on-one encounters.
Connecting the global Jewish family | Increasing Jewish identity | Strengthening Israeli society.
Living bridges to Israel | Genuine friendships | Understanding life in the Jewish state.
Understanding the rich variety of religious expression and renewal around the world.

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tarryngTaryn Gingell
P2G Representive


Windows 2015 1Partnership2Gether is a program of the Jewish Agency that is dedicated to strengthening bonds between Jewish communities in Israel and the Diaspora, through direct “people to people” connections. South Africa is partnered with the town of Beit Shemesh - Mateh Yehuda.

School Twinning is is an educational framework that connects schools in the Partnership region with Jewish schools in the diaspora. The schools create an annual educational program that unites learners from Israel and the diaspora. The objective of School Twinning is to:

  • Create a connection and commitment to Israel.
  • Deepen the familiarity with and connection to Jewish culture, tradition and the Hebrew language.
  • Familiarity and respect for the variety and richness that exists in Judaism.

As part of the School Twinning programme, Gr 5 & 6 learners from the twinning schools in Israel and South Africa participated in an exciting competition, Windows 2015. The objective of the competition was to encourage the children to learn more about each other’s day to day existence in the places they live, play and visit. Participants were required to take a photo from a building structure, train or car, including a window frame, that depicted their daily life, and to upload it to a website with a brief explanation of what they saw. Their twinning counterparts voted for their favourite photo and explanation.

A website was specifically created for the competition. Participants were given 3 weeks to upload their photos, after which the voting process began.

The winners of the competition were:

  • 1st Prize – Gabi Rosen – King David Linksfield in Johannesburg
  • 2nd Prize – Liron Krawitz – King David Victory Park in Johannesburg
  • 3rd Prize – Etan Lokomet – Phyllis Jowell Primary School in Cape Town

 Windows 2015