The Israel Centre represents The Jewish Agency for Israel in South Africa and is the corner stone for Zionist education in the South African Jewish Community, based on the recognition of the State of Israel as the National State of the Jewish People.

Israel Centre is committed to strengthening the connection between the South African Jewish Community with the State of Israel and the connection of Israelis with South African Jewry.

Israel Centre inspires to be connected with Zionist Heritage and Homeland, Jewish Peoplehood, values and empowerments to build in South Africa a thriving Jewish future and committed Jewish Community with a strong Israel at its centre.

Strong identity is a basic building block of human existence. Hence, Israel Centre connects Jews with Israel (Bein Adam L’Arzo); with one another (Bein Adam L’Hevrato); with Jewish Heritage (Bein Adam L’Morashto); and with Jewish collective future (Bein Adam L’Amo), based on Jewish and Zionist values that creates our Peoplehood unique content.

Israel Centre is proactive in building bridges and in providing safe zone for constructive discourse that enables and strengthens the unity of the Jews in South Africa with a particular focus on empowering and mobilizing young activists to take responsibility.

Encouraging Aliyah and providing meaningful programs in Israel for South Africa Jews is the cornerstone of our work. As we believe all Jews seek their future in Israel, we are the platform to experience the lifestyle every Jew wants in Israel, the place he and she always dreamed of.

With a myriad of choices and solutions for everyone, the Israel Centre is the connection to Israel. Any Jew who searches for professional opportunities, a vibrant culture and social life, or greater spiritual connection, Israel has all the ingredients for a fulfilling quality of life. With active Communities, a growing job market, affordable healthcare, Jewish education and rich culture; everything any Jew who is looking for is right here.

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Beyachad Building
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Samson Centre
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About Us

The Israel Centre represents the Jewish Agency for Israel in South Africa. We are committed to strengthening the connection between the South African Jewish community and the State of Israel, through various programmes and comprehensive Zionist Education.