Olim La degelintro

The Israel Centre-SA, together with the JNF and the Israeli Embassy recently participated in the Olim La’Degel (climbing to the flag) programme.

The programme was run by the Educational Ministry and the Jerusalem Ammunition Hill Museum’s.

Miriam and Na’ama, the two Bnei Schlichot, co-ordinated the project in Johannesburg. Israeli flags were signed by dozens of SA teenagers, who gave their good wishes from the younger generation, to the future of the State of Israel. These flags will be joined with 4 000 other signed flags from Israel and the rest of the world. They will be kept in the “Time Capsule of Israel” and will be presented in 30 years’ time, for Israel’s 100th anniversary.

Two hundred of these flags will be presented at the Ammunition Hill Museum on Yom HaAtzmaut 2018. They will remain there for few months and will then be kept in the archives with the rest of the flags.