KDS Leah Meyerowitz

Two winners were selected from each participating school. They were each videoed showing their projects and the six videos sent to Israel to participate in the 2017 international contest.

Leah and Joshua, accompanied by their mothers, will now join the other 48 winners to take part in the two-day celebration to be held at Beit Hatfutsot in June. There, Leah and Joshua will unveil their winning entries to thousands at the museum as well as a global audience.

Joshua GoldbergThe My Family Story competition was introduced to SA in 2016. Sarah Rosenthal was a South African winner then. She says the competition captivated the Jewish world. She was among 155 institutions and over 20 000 Jewish students from 28 countries who participated in it last year.

Israel Centre Shaliach Aviad Sela sums it up: “It’s a project that connects thousands of people around the world.” Every single parent and child said that they saw it as meaningful, says Sela.