Your Neighbour 1

The Jewish Agency Mishlachat in South-Africa initiated a new Tikun Olam programme, called "Your Neighbour" (Makhelwane in the Zulu language).

Israeli Shlichim in conjunction with the Jewish Community of Johannesburg, including the King-David school, youth movements and students, Spent a Sunday in a Kliptown community centre in Soweto.

During the day the group taught local kids extra-murel lessons in different subjects: Math, Literature and English.

For the Shlichim in Africa, who are witnessing third-world poverty, it was a new experience and a unique journey into the reality of under-privilege communities.

"Your Neighbour" in the township of Soweto will take place on a monthly base. It is another new JAFI's ‘Tikun-Olam’ (fix the world) programme in South Africa, alongside Project TEN in the Kwazulu-Natal Province.