israel quiz 2016 B

Israel Centre together with the SA Zionist Federation hosted the successful Israel quiz, which was held at the Edward Nathan Sonnenberg auditorium in Sandton.

Over 200 attended to support the 15 finalists in their final quiz round.displaying their knowledge of Israel, Zionism and Judaism.

The three judges Aviad Sela- Israel Centre Director, Bev Goldman- the doyen of SA Zionist communications, and Betar Shaliach Guy Hadad. Rabbi Dorron Kline of Telfed in Israel and Ari Kruger did an amazing job in the running of the evening. Guest speakers Ben Swartz SA Zionist Federation national chairman and Ayellet Black, Deputy Ambassador have addressed the audiance with words of inspiration.

Well done to all the school and learneers who participated in the Israel quiz 2016 Torah Academy boys, KDVP, KDLH, Yeshiva collage.