Knesset Workshop at School2

A Knesset workshop was held at King Davids Primary School in Linksfield.

SAUJS Masa Welcome Backintro

SAUJS kick start the new year with their annual welcome back party and are trilled with the turnout.

Mevashlim Beivrit2

Cooking in Hebrew is a new introduction in the Israeli cuisine in a Hebrew speaking environment.

MASA Evening 4

On Tuesday night the 6th of March there was an information evening hosted by Masa at Beyachad for parents and young adults.

family story 2018 1

Jewish Day School Grade 7's learnt about their Jewish heritage.

Olim La degelintro

The Israel Centre-SA, together with the JNF and the Israeli Embassy recently participated in the Olim La’Degel (climbing to the flag) programme.

Steering Committee 2018

The annual P2G Steering Committee meeting was held in South Africa this year.

Your Neighbour 1

The Jewish Agency Mishlachat in South-Africa initiated a new Tikun Olam programme, called "Your Neighbour" (Makhelwane in the Zulu language).

Yitzhak Rabin Memorial 2017c

Yitzhak Rabin
1922 - 1995
‘Soldier of peace’

israel quiz 2017 3

Israel Centre in association with the SA Zionist Federation held The Israel Quiz 2017, which took place at the KDLH school auditorium.

KDS Leah Meyerowitz

Two winners were selected from each participating school. They were each videoed showing their projects and the six videos sent to Israel to participate in the 2017 international contest.